How to calculate dot area/dot gain with spot colors

Hi guys,

I try to calculate dot area and dot gain with spot colors, but I don’t know hot to figure it out.

In CMYK I using Murray-Davies formula to calculate dot area/dot gain.
does it fit to spot colors?

currently I can obtain Lab and CMYK density values by instrument.

EX: orange100% orange75% orange50% orange25% orange0%
does anyone known how to calculate dot area/dot gain for spot colors?


Unfortunately I can’t give you an actual formula to help you work it out but I know it can be done and there are many apps which will provide this information for you.

I work in RGB only, but I think even ColorThink provides this info. Certainly ColorAnt has some apps which will tell you the dot gain of a particular ink and BasICColor Balance will also. A free and fully working 14-day trial licence can be obtained from BasICColor for any and all of their apps. Pretty sure Curve, Curve 2 or Curve 3 will also provide said info.

Hope that helps…

Thanks for your information.