How to convert (Image+Profile) to an (Image)?

Suppose that we have a machine that doesn’t support icc profiles, it means that in the process of printing all included icc profiles will be discarded:

Now we have:
1-Source:An Image in PhotoShop+Assigned icc profile.(Image+Profile)
2-Destination: A converted image of source that doesn’t have included icc profile but it is same as source image+its icc profile in view and numbers.

1- RGB=10,10,10 + included icc profie ==> RGB=20,20,20(or its equal LAB)
2-RGB=20,20,20 (or its equal LAB)

Is it clear?
Most welcome all guidances.

Oh my God, I think that my question is some hard, but I believe that there are many Professionals here, let to ask my question in other way:

How we should print correctly via programs that doesn’t support embedded icc profiles?

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Just assign your appropriate profile,
Convert to an appropriate profile,

Perhaps I am misunderstanding?

Thanks for your answer.
But let to explain some more:

We have a printing machine that prints via its special program(Something like RIP to manage images,…, but not exactly a RIP, let to name this program as PROGRAM A), and you can not find any settings in this program to assign a profile or see embedded profiles, also you must use this program to print.

it means that if you assign a profile and convert it to appropriate output profile in photoshop and save it with embedded profile, then when you want to import your images to PROGRAM A for print, your embedded profiles will be ignored, and machine will use its internal mechanism for printing.

I’ve created a profile for our machine, but I don’t know how should I use this profile to print colors correctly?

If you have any question let me to know it.

Yes, this is why you are converting to your appropriate profile before sending it to print. If you were simply assigning, then you would have problems.

Converting should solve your problems, wether the embedded profile is recognized or not.

Thank you very much

Yeah, i think that you should assign the profile and convert then the “RIP” that you have wont do color manage.