how to create a cxf file I1profiler likes?

is there any utility that can export a color list in cxf format i1profiler can actually import as a spot color file for optimization? I’ve exported text color lists from Colorthink, which has no cxf option, and colorport, which seems to create cxf files i1 can’t read…
I can import any of these into PatchTool (but again, not i1), which MAY export what I need… at the cost of purchasing the software…
Seems like this should be simpler…


I don’t know of a separate app that creates .cxf files.

i1Profiler itself has a few options for making .cxf files. If you want to physically measure spot colors, you can create your own ‘chart’. Under Printer, choose Measure Chart and you can define how many patches you want a custom chart to have - even one or two. Then you can measure that chart with your instrument and save it as a .cxf file that can be brought into your optimization routine.

On the other hand, if you already have a tab-delimited text color list made up, it can be a lot more complicated. As far as I know i1P does not have a way to directly import a Lab-only text list and then save it out as a .cxf. If you have reference+Lab list like a measurement file of a target, you can import it into i1Profiler, as a measurement for a profile, and then save it out as .cxf. It’s helpful to know the flavor of CGATS header information that i1P likes to see. Here’s an example of a text file that works in i1P:

I’ve probably given you just enough information to confuse you. So let me know if you have more questions.

Thanks Pat, no you have not confused me. I’ve been searching all over the place about this for some time and it seems they’ve not made this easy at all. Funny they’ve made it easy to measure colors in, but for optimizing I’m trying to create charts with “source” colors that are not printing well in the first place, so why do I want to measure then in!!! I understand there is some value in that, but not what I’m after. So yeah getting it to take a text file prepared from a ColorThink list or whatever… you’d think this is the area some user flexibility would be highly desirable…
Then there’s the Hutchcolor lock out…
I’m not sure why they are not making this app play well with others.
Anyway, thank you, and I’ll keep trying some things here based on your suggestions. Some things have seemed to import in the chart section, then some save out and some don’t, and even then some import as “spot” files and others don’t… argh.

Hi Tyler,

I had a similar sort of problem, but with exporting files which could be easily read by other apps and couldn’t figure out how to do this.

I emailed X-Rite’s support team and they were very helpful, answered quickly and gave me the exact, correct info I needed and it worked exactly as they explained.

I’d suggest to try and email X-Rite support and see what they say, they were very helpful with my problem and gave an easy to understand answer which worked perfectly.

Hope they can do the same for you.

I appreciate that Aaron, but I have support issues open with them that initiated the day the software finally shipped… I just keep trying to do things that are of little concern over there…
Glad they took care of you,

I’m seeing that the Pantone Color Manager app that comes with i1Profiler is designed to create pallets and can export them into i1Profiler as CxF3 files.

I have not figured this out myself, but according to X-Rite this will export cxf: … ortID=5493