How to create an Abstract Profile

I know how to create an Abstract profile from ColorThink and to combine it with a standard profile using the Colorcast profile mechanism, but that creates a profile that does nothing.

My question is REALLY dumb - How do I get the changes that I want to make into the Abstract Profile? I am assuming that I edit an image and then somehow include this in the prifile making process.

I suspect it is so easy that I have just completely missed it!

Hi Ian,

You have not missed it! There is not an easy way to create abstract profiles from scratch as far as we know. The programs we know of that can actually create them are very old or discontinued. In the ColorThink profiles folder, there are a couple of sample abstract profiles (like the 45 degree hue shift) that were made by Steve Upton several years ago. He might have started with a null abstract profile and altered it, but it involved many many convoluted steps through many different apps. Don’t ask us to describe the process or I’ll have to add more “many”'s to the sentence above.

There has been some interest in abstract profiles since Photoshop started supporting them. But there is this gap in the industry right now.

Well that is a challenge!
I will start thinking how it can be done.

The presence of the two “sample” abstract profiles led me to believe that ColorThinkPro could make them (in addition to the blank ones).