How to Graph an Image's colors in ColorThink?


How do you graph the actual colors of a landscape image in ColorThink? I can get it to graph the image’s embedded color space, but I can’t get it to graph just the actual colors present in the image itself.


Well, a couple of ways.

  1. open the Grapher, then select the add ("+") button in the plot list and open the image from there.

  2. drag and drop the image into the open Grapher window.

That should do the job…



Thank you!

What are the size limits of such a file? What’s the recommended way to shrink the file without losing its needed color range data?

The size limit depends on how fast a system you have and how much patience you have :wink:. With our regular ColorThink 2 program, an image was automatically downsampled before being displayed in the Grapher, but the Pro version attempts to deliver every pixel to you in all its glory. On a slow computer, a large image file can take several minutes before it shows up in the Grapher. Here’s a section in the manual that talks about image size in the Grapher: … _and_Lists

[] You can downsample in Photoshop using Bicubic (not sharpening or smoothing.)

  • or -
    [] The way we recommend to be most efficient about this is to bring the image into the worksheet first, choose Extract Unique Color Values, then choose Graph List. This not only gives you a count of how many unique colors are in your image, but you can make this list a “primary data source” and even save it out as its own discrete image.