How to profile 2nd display with ColorEyes?

I have a MonacoOptix XR, and I’m evaluating the trial of ColorEyes Display on a laptop with an external LCD connected. I can profile the laptop screen, but I can’t figure out how to profile the external display. When I try to move the “Default_Monitor 1” window to my second display, it snaps back to the laptop’s display. I can move the background “ColorEyes Display” window to the second monitor, but that doesn’t help. When I actually start the profiling process, the window that is displaying the color swatches cannot be moved off the primary display.

I’ve searched the options, preferences, advanced settings, etc., and I feel like an idiot, but I can’t find any way to get that window on my external display. Well, not entirely true. I can uncheck the ‘extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor’ option in display properties, and then force the laptop to only display through the DVI port, and NOT on the laptop, and then I can profile the external display, but that seems really, really crude.

I have tried connecting the display to the VGA portinstead of DVI–no difference. It just appears to not know about my second display.

Am I missing something? Is this function not enabled in the trial version? Is this a mac-only function?


I think you hit it with your last question. The ability to have a separate profile for two different monitors is built into Macs. With Windows it’s not so easy. If you’re on Win XP, you’ll need the Color Control Applet to define which screen gets which profile. And even then, it is doubtful that you would get separate profiles for each display without installing a separate graphics card. Vista does not seem to have the same problems using two displays.


If you’re stuck with what you’ve got, you could at least “mirror” your displays so you can go through the software procedure for calibrating your external LCD. Then, you will have your external LCD properly calibrated and your laptop will have to suffer along with the same profile as the external screen.

I’ve had moderate luck using the Microsoft Color Control applet to load two profiles in the past. My main issue is the difficulty in creating the profile for the second monitor in the first place, using ColorEyes.

With the ancient Monaco OPTIX 2.0 software that I bought with my colorimeter, it’s simple to profile my second monitor–I just drag the window over there. Done. So I’m really puzzled as to why ColorEyes, which is newer, and far more advanced, refuses to let me move its windows to that monitor.

I’ve sent in a support request to ColorEyes directly, and will update here when I hear back.


Well, normally you just click anywhere on the secondary screen (when CEDP is open) and it automatically shifts the dialog box and everything to the second screen.

That’s pretty much what their support said. Seems very reasonable, but it doesn’t work. When I open the program, no part of it displays on my second monitor–so I see only my desktop (or any windows I had already open on that display). Clicking on the second monitor does nothing–just as if ColorEyes wasn’t open at all, and I was just clicking on my desktop.

Normally, would a ColorEyes window open on each attached monitor?