How to remove old printers from ColorSync registered devices


I am running Mac OS 10.5.6. Using ColorSync Utility when I examine the “Devices” section there are several printers listed in the “Registered ColorSync devices:” that are not printers installed on my system. I want to remove these from ColorSync to make sure that I am not having any conflicts. I am having color problems when printing to my Epson SP2200 from Photoshop CS4 and it is defined twice here so I am trying to remove the duplicate.

Normally removing a printer using the “Print & Fax” system preferences will do the trick. But the printers in question do not show up here.

Does anybody on this forum know how to reset the ColorSync devices?

tks, louie

PS I have a workaround for the printing problem that I found on the Adobe Photoshop forums. If I set my 2200 as the default printer before starting PSCS4 the color conversions are correct.