HP z6100 cmyk profile

I am trying to create a cmyk plotter profile for use to color match my offset press machines on my hp z6100 plotter. ONYX rip is driving my plotter currently. I printed eci 2002 cmyk chart, and created a profile using profilemaker and eyeone pro. While comparing the plotter profile to the ECI coated V2 profile, which we use in our images for printing on the press, I felt that there is something wrong, can someone take a look and validate that my plotter profile is valid?

the link to the chart, reference data, and profiles is below.

Delta E:

I looked at your measurements and profiles in ColorThink Pro. Your plotter measurements (and your plotter profile) show almost no shadow detail at all. Somehow your media settings or RIP settings are causing your printing to lack much detail in the dark shadow areas. Black and very neutral is represented, but nothing representing near neutrals, browns, that sort of thing.

At the same time, the plotter has more saturation in lighter areas than the ISO coated profile, which is to be expected for inkjet printers.

This would explain why you’re getting high dE numbers on this comparison.

Thanks for the reply… I created a new profile with new media. It’s supposed to be better. I am using kodak sm240p type 1
Copy pasted from kodak’s website is the below

“Premium, 240 g/m2 semi-matte proofing base
Designed to meet GRACoL (Coated #1) and FOGRA39 Specifications without need for background tint High brightness and slightly cool tint provide an excellent match to high-quality commercial printing stocks.”

By looking at the gamut images in the link provided below, you can tell that i am still not achieving all the fogra39 colors… shouldn’t my plotter profile be bigger than my offset fogra profile?

I also attached the measurements I read with the eyeone from from the patches, and the reference file too. But I think it’s normal to see high Delta E if we are to compare since the patched were red from a paper printed without color management.

Any suggestions on what I should tweak to get better shadows? from printing my test images I can tell my shadows are not right.

This is pretty interesting. The profile you made has a rather strange shape. This happens once in a while with Gretag profiles. I would recommend that you try measuring the target again, ideally with a new printed target (instead of the same one) and see if the profile comes out with a smoother shape.

And then I would also recommend a larger collections of patches. Your target has something like 500-600 patches, and you really ought to have 1500 or more to get a good representation of your printer colorspace. Hopefully if you can make a more accurate profile, you may find that your Fogra will be contained in it.

Here’s a Quicktime movie that should be visible on Windows systems:

I installed new ink cartridges, cleaned heads, recalibrated plotter. Then created a profile from 1500 patches, and got a similar profile… i am still not getting a profile that is bigger than fogra39 :frowning: any clue?

What does the new profile look like in a 3D viewer? Does it still have that strange shape that looks folded and dented in odd places? While it is not a completely accurate 3D viewer, the Gamut View function in Profile Editor should give you an idea of whether you have solved the problem with your last profile.

There was definitely something wrong with the last profile and I would hope we could get that fixed before we can see if it will encompass Fogra39.

I think the profile looks close to the previous one… below is a link to several profiles I created from the measurement data. Measurement data txt also included.