i1 Display Pro and basICColor Display 5 not playing nice

Just upgraded from basICColor Display 4 to Display 5 and decided to try out my i1 Display Pro with it.

Turns out that they don’t play nice together (loses connection to the i1 Display part way through the calibration) and, as I suspected, it appears that XRite Device Services (XRD) is the source of the problem as it is constantly looking to connect with XRite instruments and causes a conflict with basICColor and the i1 Display.

basICColor support was somewhat helpful as they said that no other applications can be running and that the i1 Display must be disabled in XRite Device Services…only problem is that XRD is no longer a System Pref control panel (I’m running MacOS 10.7.2) and killing the service in Activity Monitor doesn’t seem to work (it appears to re-spawn immediately).

Come to think of it, I’ve had a similar issue with the Color Munki but my i1 Pro spectro doesn’t have this issue with basICColor.

Anyone know how to selectively disable an instrument in XRD?


Hi Terry,

We’re not seeing a problem with this on our end. We can profile just fine using basICColor Display 5.0.1 and an i1 Display Pro on OS 10.7.2 (with i1Profiler installed but not running.) It does not seem to require any special shut down of X-Rite Display Services (although I have found that it’s helpful to have the instrument connected before launching the software, to make it easier for the app to find the instrument.

Can you try it again, maybe take note of where in the calibration it loses connection, maybe send me a console report so we can see what’s happening then?


Hi Pat,

I’m still having an issue between basICColor Display and my i1 Display Pro. I saw that there was a new version of the software (5.0.3) and decided to try that. I also connected the i1DPro directly to my Macbook Pro instead of through a USB hub.

It will start into the calibration, take a few measurements and either report an “Error 39” or a similar message claiming that it has received bad measurements and that possibly the instrument is disconnected.

I’ve no idea how to capture the “console report” that you asked for.

Interestingly, I’m also having no success with the iDPro in i1Profiler. I completes the patch measurement and verify but then reports that there were “bad measurements” and could not complete the profile. It’s possible that I have a bad instrument I suppose.



Depending on the age of your MacBook Pro, if it’a anything like mine, the USB port on the right side of the machine supplies more power than the left.

I think this is by design. I have found that the original i1 Pro draws a fair amount of power when measuring reflective samples and will only work properly in the right USB port.

just an idea


Hi Terry,

Boy, it does seem like it’s the instrument that’s the common element there. Since it does not work in i1Profiler, and it is an X-Rite instrument, your next step would probably be to contact Tech Support at X-Rite and have them walk you through determining if the device is bad. Then they can issue a return authorization. 888-749-9944

The is in the Utilities folder. When it is running, it gives a sort of step-by-step readout of everything that’s going on in the computer. People smarter than me can sometimes make sense of all that gibberish. All I know is that it reports a lot of scary things like “device not found” and “failed to restore settings” for a lot of software that is actually operating normally.