i1 display pro OR spyder4elite for matching dual displays?


I have a classic macbook pro (non-retina) and an LG external LED LCD IPS monitor attached to it.

I wanted to calibrate both screens so they display exactly or very closely the same colors, without any sort of variations. I don’t mess with printing, I need strictly for web and to check colors in real-time, on-screen.

Even though spyder4elite has what seems to be an amazing feature, exactly what I need, the “Studio Match”, I wanted to go with i1 display pro. It’s cheaper and people say overall profiles and color gradients are better.

Does anyone any know which of these 2 calibration devices should I pick, regarding specifically display-to-display matching?

Has anyone had any experience matching 2 different displays with i1 pro display? I know upfront that spyder4elite does the matching by picking the “worst” monitor. Not sure if i1 display pro could do the same.


I have plenty of experience with the i1Display Pro, only a little experience with the Spyder4Elite. They are both good products, but I would prefer the i1DPro. The idea behind the X-Rite software matching two monitors is to calibrate both monitors, and once you do that accurately, then they both would match pretty much automatically. The i1Profiler software you would be using has individual presets for the different type of backlighting you will have in your two displays (fluorescent tubes and LCDs). That, combined with the accuracy of the measurement gives a very good match from what I have seen.

Now I dont know what kind of gamut your two displays have, but it is likely that the LCD panel would have a larger color gamut than the Macbook. If that is the case, then that display may show more saturated colors, and there is not a way in i1Profiler to dumb down the better display to match the worst. Theres also no way to fine tune or edit the profile. It sounds like the Spyder software gives you some options there. I do prefer the i1DPro hardware because of the speed and accuracy of the measurements, and because it tends to do better at measuring dark blacks. This is important for pulling out shadow detail out of the blacks in an image. The Spyder4 tends to measure blacks slightly lighter than the i1DPro, and might produce slightly more muddied shadow detail.