I1 Isis calibration problems


We are happily using until now an I1 and a DTP70 spectro to calibrate our printers.
For some reasons we need a third one and just bought an I1 Isis.

After having tested the Isis, it came out that the result are much diffrent from the I1 and the DTP70. profiles are much warmer and/or yellowish

I have contacte X-rite who said that it is normal as the light source is a Led !

I cannot be happy with such a reply, as when I profile a media, as long as we are in the media’s gamut, a color should be the same color again regardless of the spectro I am using. This is the case between the DPT70 and the standard I1 which do not have any visible difference.

This has been test with Monaco profiler or Profilemaker !

Would anybody have some ideas or input about this ?


Yes, we have seen this happening with the newer issue of iSis’s. X-Rite wants to get all their devices to have more inter-instrument agreement and they have created a new standard “XRGA” to do this. Basically the standard they are going to will bring the measurements closer to what the DTP70 puts out, and this standard will move the iSis measurements more toward the DTP70. They are supposed to have a new version of Colorport coming out soon that will enable you to do a conversion while reading with any of these instruments.

There is more information on this in our blog here: … -arts.html

It is a bit surprising that you are seeing visible differences though. From what they claim, the differences should not be that large.

Thanks for you reply,

But if i am right in you blog, it is stated that the Isis will not be covered by this new standard …

I have to talk again with X-rite … I will keep you informed !