i1 Profiler Upgrade

I recently purchased the i1 Publish Upgrade A. I used my MonacoPROFILER 4 serial for the qualifying product to upgrade from. But I also have an eye-one Pro device.

I’m now setting about doing the initial install & upgrade and have some questions.

  1. Assuming I go with the MonacoPROFILER dongle upgrade procedure, what happens to the built-in dongle on my eye-one Pro device?

  2. Since this is a dongle-driven product, can I assume that I will be able to use it on more than one system?

2 great questions but 2 which should definitely be directed towards X-Rite’s support department, which is surprisingly good at replying to queries.

But I’ll give you the quick and easy answers, not the strictly 100% legal answers, because in the end, this is a matter of legality, depending on how X-Rite has structured their EULA and licensing,

  1. Nothing. The built-in i1Pro dongle will always be in the i1 firmware, so nothing to wory about there.

  2. Although it is a dongle-based app, there is also an activation section, which I think is only needed for the upgrade. For example, my i1Pro (Photo) is able to be used only for screen profiling, all printer profiling abilities in the app are crossed out. Same thing when I use my i1d3 with the app. But I’m guessing that if I had one of the new i1 devices which comes with i1Profiler in the box, everything would be enabled purely by the i1 being plugged in, therefore one could use it at as many sites or on as many computers as one liked. I’ve no idea if that is legal or not, but in terms of the app actually working, it would.

But since you’re doing an upgrade, I’m pretty sure you will need to complete either the phone or internet activation and what happens after that, I have no idea.

I would suggest you contact X-Rite directly because that way you will be getting the absolute 100% correct answer, hopefully without any ambiguity. If it were me, I wouldn’t trust the people I bought the app from, even if it were bought from Chromix, for example, or anyone other than direct from X-Rite, as the reseller did not write the EULA, nor are they likely to be lawyers and therefore, could unwittingly give incorrect answers to the customer.