i1 Publish upgrade

I have received notification from X-rite that i1 Publish is available and that I should upgrade at a price - no surprises there. I really only use i1 Match today for printer profiles so I wonder whether the new software will give me better profiles or if there is any other compelling reason why I would upgrade.

i1Profiler does produce better printer profiles.
i1Match was based on the ProfileMaker software, which is still very good. But i1Profiler seems to profile more like MonacoProfiler which many people preferred because of the smoothness of gradients and richness in color. With i1Profiler they seem to have taken the benefits of the Monaco product and gone even further with it. In our testing we have also seen it do a great job with out of gamut colors. In other software, you might see reds turn orange or blues turn purple when they are brought into gamut. i1P treats these saturated colors very well. So if you have a printer with a small gamut or work with particularly saturated images, this would be very beneficial to you.

There have been some complaints about the user interface being awkward and buggy, but it certainly makes great profiles.

Thanks Pat. It sounds good. I just went to the store and it appears that Upgrade A is a bargain at $459. Is that it? That looks like a ProfileMaker upgrade price to me not an upgrade from i1match which was bundled before.

At that sort of price, I may as well sell my io and buy a RIP.


Whether you’re upgrading from ProfileMaker, Monaco Profiler or i1Match, it is the same price (with Upgrade A) and you get the same thing. The full deal. ProfileMaker (except PMv5 Packaging), Monaco Profiler and i1Match are essentially discontinued and replaced by i1Profiler. This first edition is called ‘Publish’, and doesn’t have all of the modules yet (also probably contributing to the low price). i1Profiler Publish makes very good RGB CMYK and CMYK+4 profiles. Very good profiles especially with perceptual. It has the monitor and projector profiling module and a couple of other good utilities. It has the ColorChecker PassPort plus mini target. It does NOT have MeasureTool, Editor, ColorPicker, Scanner or ColorPort features. Finally, be sure to read the EULA before accepting, some things have changed a bit there.

Jeff, I’m unclear and not sure how to respond to you selling your iO and buying a RIP. What do you mean?

Thanks Rick.

How do I find the EULA. That is a bit of a scary warning. Like everyone else, I ignore such things most of the time.

Today, I have i1Match to generate RGB printer profiles only and PM4 and PM5 which I use to read and average targets. I got both of these ages ago, either from the Xrite site or CD included with books. This has worked well for me. I use Eizo monitors so have no need of the monitor profile feature.

I then read this in the upgrade info: Following activation, you may run both your legacy software and your new software at the same time, but you can only take measurements using one application.

What the hell does this mean? Is the software that I am using today going to be disabled somehow? Given that the new software doesn’t have measure tool, how will that work?

Maybe I am just dense, but I find that I have difficulty understanding what Xrite is telling me. Their upgrade info leaves me with more questions than answers. That is why I made the comment about getting a RIP. I could sell the io, buy Imageprint , use their profiles and be out in front financially as I understand it.


You can get the EULA content by initiating the registration process of i1Profiler. I’ll check into sending you some of it off-line.

Regarding using your legacy software, yes, you will absolutely be able to do that. X-Rite will send you a code that ‘adds’ the i1Profiler functionality to your PMv5 dongle (or to your i1Pro device’s inner dongle with i1Match). It does NOT overwrite any of these legacy software. X-Rite intends that you will use these legacy products still, especially for the missing pieces (MeasureTool, Editor, etc.).

Hope that helps.