I1 targets: I1 Match or PM5?

Dear community,

Match and ProfileMaker feature totally different targets for the I1 in line mode for the TC9.18. While Match just needs 2 A4 pages, PM5 requires 3.

On the Match-target, the I1 has to distinguish the patches by delta E, while on Profile Maker’s variant, there are black and white lines to separate the target and tell the device about the new patch.

In the PM 5.0.5b readme, GMB praises the new targets. Should I prefer the PMP target over the Match target? Nevertheless I use PM for creation of the file.

Best, Sergio.

Other than the patches you mention for distinguishing separation, the 918 is the 918 so you can use which ever you wish depending on the software (PMP will use either since it measures anything that you can load a reference file for). Match isn’t at all as easy to use with other targets (there are workarounds) but I’d just use the target it asks for. There are a number of variants of the 918 target (scrambled, unscrambled) but in the end, the 918 actual patches needed should be the same.