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I’m trying to create a new profile for my Mimaki JV4 with i1match. I’m using cmyk pigment inks + a red and golden yellow. I’m using Wasatch 6.5 as my RIP. I use the cmyk 1.1 chart in the I1 software. Wasatch complains whenever I try to load the profile that I’m attempting to load a 4 channel profile into a 6 channel printer configuration and that the resulting gamut will be poor. Is I1match 4 color only and can it be expanded? Isn’t this kinda limiting on what you can do with i1match?



Confirming that i1Match ONLY makes 3 or 4-channel profiles and ONLY CMYK or RGB depending on the module.

Your Wasatch RIP is probably fine, but you need to initially generate the multi-channel profile with a product that supports multi-channel profiles. ProfileMaker MultiColor Module and Monaco Profiler Platinum are two predominant tools. You can buy the ProfileMaker MultiColor Module separately or within the ProfileMaker Publish ‘Plus’ package. Monaco Profiler Platinum has the Multi-color module included as part of the package only and not as a separate. Or, you can have a profiling service, like CHROMiX’s ColorValet make the multi-color profile for you for a lot less.

Rick Hatmaker

Ill give Chromix a look. Economics will prevent me from upgrading to
Profilemaker anytime soon. How about Colorport and ColorXact? I could even create and scan my charts with Colorport and send the data to someone with Profilemaker who could then send me the resulting profile.
So the theory goes anyway. I have never used these products and do no know how good (or bad) they are.


I took a look at Chromix Colorvalet. I saw CMYK targets but nothing for 6 or 8 color is there something I am missing?


RGB or CMYK is a lot more common than multi-color profiling, so we handle those as the need arises. We can handle this any way you like. We can supply you with a target for 6-channel profiling, or you can use your own target.

I will contact you off list, and we can arrange the details.

Sorry, I should have explained that.

We do in fact create multi-color profiles, however, because of the complexity and specialization of making these we don’t have a line item on our website for multi-color profiles. Instead, and because profiling is a ‘labor’ service, we charge our bench labor fee of $150 per hour. Usually it doesn’t take more than an hour for most, but it can with larger multi-channel profiles or with really odd characteristics. You would contact me to proceed.
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