i1Pro vs i1Pro 2: Appreciable Difference?


Is there an appreciable difference in the measurement accuracy/repeatability of the i1Pro 2 vs the i1Pro?

We have two i1Pro’s (one of which I use with an iO) and I’m using one with our Soft Proofing prototype station. I’m finding that my measurements (with either instrument) result in a soft proof with good a* b* reproduction within the monitor’s gamut but poor L*. (The soft proof is always darker though generally color-accurate)

Would a new instrument help with that?


No difference at all according to their official specs. The X-Rite specs for both the i1Pro and the i1Pro2 are identical in terms of accuracy and repeatability.

The repeatability is very good. In terms of accuracy that Max dE is telling you that compared to the X-Rite standard, these instruments can vary by as much as 1.0 dE off.

So I don’t think a new instrument will automatically help there.

Looking at your IO table, we have found that the consistency you get using an automated system is sometimes offset by a lack of accuracy when the robotic arm raises or lowers a tiny fraction as it passes over the sheet. So that might affect your accuracy and repeatability.