i1Profiler error

For no explained reason I get an “error creating profile” during one particular build on one paper. I’ve re-measured, all that. It’s the same chart and same build settings as many others on similar papers, and yet the only one that won’t do the build. The entire process is within the app, no outside measurements or charts imported or anything like that.

Anyone run into this? It’d be cool if there were some indication of WHY in the alert… I’d put it to Xrite but they’re a bit backed up on issues I’ve already sent them…grrr… maybe someone else has experienced this?

Just this morning I ran into a problem with i1Profiler crashing at the 93% point in profile generation for my dye sub printer.

Luckily I had saved my measurements in a measurement assets file so on reloading i1Profiler it was easy to get to the ‘profile settings’ tab.

My thoughts were that since my PC had only 2gigs of ram that perhaps I was underresourced and so I manipulated the options for a smaller profile and boom again it crashed.

So third time lucky I selected defaults and the profile built. Well it said it built so I went into the profiles folder to double check and there they were, the previous two failed profile attempts!.

So I took my original ‘quality attempt’ and included it in a new printer driver.

And here the thing: the results were far beyond expectation and knocked spots of previous versions built with Profile Maker 5!.

I must say that on the whole I quite like i1Profiler, the crashes are a pain in the butt, but the assets are quite a clever feature … and the end results almost photographic.

Ah well, that’ll teach me to be too cocky!

I started another measurement cycle this morning based on the IT87-4 target.

Measured it all, set profile details, initiated profile creation and Boom!! in less than 2 seconds.

All I can find in the log files is Error 46 … which might be due to chart initialisation, but I don’t know.

X-Rite say talk to the partner who sold you the software … partner says uninstall and reinstall.

I am dumfounded.

I thought microsoft were supposed to be poor but this takes the cake!