i1Profiler .txt files

This is new information for ColorThink Pro users who also use i1Profiler. We have discovered that the CGATS-style formatting that i1Profiler uses when you ask it to save a measurement or such as a text file, has a little twist that ColorThink has not seen before. Specifically the header information for the data format adds the word “SPECTRAL” to each of the spectral band labels. Because of this, text files saved out of i1Profiler are not recognized by ColorThink Pro in the Worksheet or the Grapher.

We’ll be adding this flavor of formatting to the list of the files that ColorThink recognizes, and this feature will be added in the next version. Until then, there is a fairly simple workaround if you are comfortable with manipulating text files. Replace the row of “SPECTRAL_” labeled data formatting with the usual labels, save it out and it will import as usual. Here is what you can use to copy and paste:

nm380	nm390	nm400	nm410	nm420	nm430	nm440	nm450	nm460	nm470	nm480	nm490	nm500	nm510	nm520	nm530	nm540	nm550	nm560	nm570	nm580	nm590	nm600	nm610	nm620	nm630	nm640	nm650	nm660	nm670	nm680	nm690	nm700	nm710	nm720	nm730

to change this:

to look like this:

For Curve2 users, a similar issue happens when importing P2P targets that were measured using i1Profiler. The same work around applies.