ICC Color Profiles In Pagemaker

So I’m at work, and we work alot with .ICC color profiles. In photoshop it’s really easy to edit or change them. But i have designed a whole catalog in pagemaker. Both are Adobe programs so i’m sure you can attach a color profile from pagemaker. I even know where you go.

File >Preferences> CMS Setup

but it’s not at all like photo shop. I have tried bypassing the system and sending all the profiles to the color management part of the printer. and even going in the advanced tab and getting telling the printer to handle all of color management. Then i select the profile i want, and all looks well.

But it doesn’t work. I can print a picture in photoshop (with the color management done with the host) and the picture comes out the way we want it to. But sense i don’t know how to edit .icc profiles in pagemaker i send it to the printer and let the printer do the work, but it DOESN’T work and we get crap photos. I’m not sure what to do.