ICC Mods

Hi Forum,

call me a monkey with a wrench, but…

suppose I want to fine tune a measurment value in a profile. Can Colorthink open a profile and let me tweak a value? Do editors like gVim work?

I don’t think you can do anything like this in Colorthink (Pro or regular version). You would need something like GretagMacbeth Profile Editor or similar from another company.


Hi John,

to keep things simple I should stick to the profile editor tools. But I like to tinker and thus far, gVim can open profiles that aren’t encrypted and display the values. I’ll have to test and see if I can save my edits.

I like to tinker as much as the next person, but can’t figure out why you would want to try editing profiles this way if you have other tools at your disposal. How about tinkering with Colorthink Pro (if you own it) to help find more bugs so they can be squashed :smiley: