ICC nightmare (Photoshop / epson 9900)

Hi everyone,
I have been using an epson 9900 for 9 months and I still can’t configure Photoshop and the driver to have proper color consistency.
(chosing simple options, not in a very rigorous way, let me do the job with my usual epson paper … but it’s no pro attitude …)
Now I need to use a Cason Paper, and its ICC profile must be used.
See my configuration :
photoshop :
PS manages colors (it’s the only way to use downloaded profiles … and the option is generally recommanded.)
The paper/printer profile (delivered with the printer driver) is used
Soft proofing is on and configured to render this same paper/printer profile
Printer driver:
Color management is off.

Then I start the printing process and obtain a print preview that is desperatly different from the softproofing.
In fact the print preview has insane colors … and unfortunatly the result on the printer in consistent with this insanity …

I join the screens of config and preview/proofing comparison …

NB: I use no screen profile for the moment … the color schift caused by this can’t explain the difference between preview and softproofing … (as both should be schifted the same way … right ?)

Thanks a lot for any help !


ooooppppsssss …
Well i must admit it, I made a mistake.

In fact with the config I provided, the real printing result does not fit with the preview. It is consistent with the soft proofing BUT with a much lower gamma … (the result is too dark …)

This is a new problem, totally different with the one I discribed … so i think we can consider this thread over.
I try to solve the new problem … if I can’t, i’ll post a new thread …

Sorry for this one. It’s insignificant.

Spend 1700 bucks and get a rip. Printing with photoshop is like driving a kia, it may get you there, but it could frustrate the hell out of you. I would recommend ergosoft.

Now that’s not fair. I’ve had Kia’s for years and they are way better than printing in Photoshop to a Epson Print Driver.

Thank’s mtodryk !
I am going to seek info about Kia …
I have never used it or head of it …
I try to be open minded for using new software if necessary …
Bad habits are just bad … Potoshop may be one of mine …

Sorry mtodryk,
I can’t find any info about your Kia’s …
Maybe I’m a little tired :astonished:)
Have you got a link or something ?

I’m sorry. I should have clarified. A Kia is a car. I was commenting on the post above mine. Also, for driving our Epson 9600 we use EFI software. We love it. Here’s a link

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On Jun 29, 2010, at 3:42 AM, Traci Kinden wrote:

Agreed! Have had EXCELLENT luck with ErgoSoft!