ICC profiling with X-Rite 530

I have been struggling to find software to produce ICC profiles using my X-Rite 530 spectrodensitometer. Does anyone know how I can connect this device to my PC and run profiling software?

The 530 primarily interfaces with Color Master, InkFormulation, ColorQuality, and iQC. The 530 was not designed to be the input device to make profiles.
The 530 when used with Color Master, Ink Formulation, ColorQuality, and iQC inputs spectral data to locate standards and their corresponding samples within a color space. Having said that, the 530 does interface with i1Profiler, X-Rites latest profiling software. However, the big issue is that you can only take spot measurements with the 530. And since you most likely are measuring 1000 to 1,617 patches thats a lot of work, one patch at a time.

Thanks Rick. I appreciate your quick response.

I have been in contact with X-Rite customer support and they told me about the same thing. However, they didn’t inform me that the 530 would connect to the i1Profiler software and I downloaded a trial version and it doesn’t list the 530 device and it doesn’t recognize it when I connect it to the com port. Are you sure about the i1Profiler being able to use the 530?

X-Rite told me that I could only connect ColorPort, take individual readings one spot at a time and then export a file and import it into profiling software.

I was disappointed that I couldn’t use the spectral data from the 530 in any software and felt I was sold a bill of goods so I decided to return it and get the i1 Pro2 bundle instead.

Sorry to have skipped over an important component of my advice (unintentionally of course). You must use X-Rite’s free software called ColorPort to measure 1 patch at a time with the 530, and then import it to i1Profiler to make a profile.

Again, there are better devices for profile target measuring, like the i1Pro or the iSis.