IDEAlink Curve output

In the IDEAlink Curve software, Create Curves tab, I select “highlight & shadow weighted (P2P)”. In the resulting exported file, what are the CMYK input values that correspond to the “SampleName” field: values “2.00”, “4.00”, etc.

Are these suppose to correspond to the 8bit NPDC input triplets and black (“2.00” = 1.96, 1.18, 1.18, 1.96)?

Or do these represent equal C = M = Y = *.*, and K = . (“2.00” = 2.00. 2.00, 2.00, 2.00)?

What about selections other then “highlight & shadow weighted” This did not seem entirely clear to me in the app or documentation.

Thank You



The other selections you refer to allow you to select curve points every 2%, 5%, 10%, or 25%, or select specific Entry point sets customized for specific RIPs, such as Rampage or Harlequin. These represent different sets of curve points, different distributions of the points in your curve. The idea is to add points or remove them according to what your RIP requires or according to how irregular your printer is printing.