Identifying Out of Print Gamut Colours from Graph

Is there any way to precisely identify in an image the area of the image that is outside of a print gamut by selecting the specific points that are displayed as outside the gamut in a ColorThink graph?

I think there’s a way to get what you need, but it may not be exactly the way you were asking for it.

Bring the image into the Worksheet, and apply the profiles in the workflow. You’d want to start with the larger profile and follow with the smaller profile. Sample the image as I showed you in this thread.

Turning on dE will give you the difference between the two. (See screenshot attached.) The dE column presents a heatmap of the image showing all the large differences in red, small difference in green, etc. In my example, the reds in the dE heatmap show where the out of gamut colors are in the image.

Graphing the dE column will allow you to see the vectors showing the out of gamut pinks being moved into gamut.

I think you were looking to click on a point in the Grapher and define things from there. We have to go about it from the other direction - from the Worksheet and the image. ColorThink has to go about it a different way - but you do get the out of gamut information this way.

This will work fine, Pat. I was envisioning another way. But, this gets me there just as well. Thank you.

I just tried to use the method you have described here and I seem to have run into a problem. I brought an image which has been downsized to 500 pixels on the longest edge into the worksheet and it displays fine with the AdobeRGB profile above. I extract unique colours and get a list. I then bring the printer profile that is in question into the worksheet. The image appears under the printer profile in the same way as your example shows the sRGB side of the worksheet. But, I do not get a list of the transformed unique colours under that section and the “Extract Unique Colours” selection in the drop down menu is greyed out. Also, when I select Delta-e I get no list. But, it does appear to display the out of gamma colours properly. Any idea as to what I am doing wrong?

I’ve replied to this in a new thread: