2 questions regarding the illuminant when using spectral data :

  1. what kind of format I must use if I’m trying to open my own light spectral measurement? ( I tried to open .cxf and .txt files without success )
  2. Can I use measurements bellow 380 nm ? ( let’s say between 300-380nm )

The standard .txt format that Gretag Macbeth uses will work. If you have ProfileMaker installed (a free download from Xrite/GretagMacbeth) you can find the spectral measurements of their light sources here: ProfileMaker 5.x.x application folder, Measurement files, Light Sources.

I’m trying to figure out how to load a text file into the ColorWiki, so you can grab the file there to use as a reference. … ctral_Data

Light box GTI D50.txt

Measurements below 380nm won’t work, or at least they won’t be recognized. They will be ignored.

Although the Gretag Macbeth format worked for CTPro, if you have a file with more than one illuminant in it then CTPro only appeared to read the first entry and ignores the others. (This was in CTPro beta in February 2006).

I have created my own files by copying the format from the Gretag files and adding illuminant data captured by my Eye-One Photo spectrophotometer (extracting them from the .cxf file created by Eye-One Share and then by using a text editor to open the .cxf file and transferring spectral data to the correct format).