Indigo 5000 Photoshop settings

I’m looking for some information on printing with a Indigo 5000 press. This is my first experience printing with the 5000. I used the canned profile from the HP site to soft proof the image in Photoshop. As requested by the printer the image was saved in RGB as a jpeg. A test was run. The color was surprisingly accurate. My problem is that the blacks/shadows are to dark. In photoshop, is there a recommended input/output setting for the shadows and highlights? I’m printing on 120 lb cover stock. I was told to put the settings at 0/255. Does the tonal range for the press really start at 0 and end at 255?
If anyone knows the answer or has any experience printing with the 5000 and can offer any other tips it would be greatly appreciated.



We want to buy a colored laser printer. Can someone advise us about a good laser colored printer? Or which colored printer is good (laser or inkjet)? Does Laser printer ink dry up like the little printers? Do they dry up the ink toner or they can last a long time without drying up like the smaller printers? Which colored laser printer is good for a home business? Please help me out.

I will be moving onto the next project in art which is painting a self portrait with oils. I want it to stand out and have people be stunned when they see it. But I dont know how I want to be posed in it. In art class, I made a picture portrait, with a kind of soft metal and I drew on it with toothpicks and stuff. I want to buy the metal online or in some store, but I don’t know what it’s called! And where can I get it online?