Invalid characters in iProfile profiles - ColorThink 2.3

I just upgraded to iProfiler and started making some updated profiles for my printer. The internal names for these profiles is showing up as kanji characters and when I open the Profile Rename it is telling me that there are invalid characters in the internal name.

Is there something wrong with CT or is there a problem with iProfiler?

Here is a screen shot.

Thanks for reporting this. This was a known problem, but we thought it was limited to a few cases on a Windows platform. Apparently this can happen on Macs as well. We will fix it and get out an updated version. In the meantime, you could try renaming the profile, although it does not seem to help much. The internal name still seems to be scrambled in some way.

Hi Patrick,

I hope that you can get a fix out soon. I found that if I use the rename function it sort of fixes it in ColorThink, however, it completely munges the name when I reference the profile in Lightroom 4.0 which makes the profile practically useless in LR.

If I don’t rename it I see the kanji in the CT grapher.


Any idea when this will be fixed? Do you need an example to test with?


Please can this be fixed sometime soon? It is really making it very difficult to use this great tool when I cannot see which profile is which.

tks, louie

I just wanted to let you know we have not forgotten you Louie. We’ll try to get a new version out to you soon.

Hi Patrick,

I am about to start to profile a new set of paper/printer sets and would really like to see this fixed.

tks, louie

Renaming in ColorThink renders my profile menu in PS into a Chinese menu. Any version 4 profile is affected. Version 2 profiles are unaffected. In some cases the profiles affected are from paper vendors. Attempting to reconcile internal names with file names is a mess with v4 profiles. I’m on a Mac running OSX 6.8. Any chance this gets fixed? Rather vexing.

Ok Patrick, you folks are really stretching the meaning of soon… :wink:


I can’t give you a time when this will be ready, but we do hear you. We know we need to get this fix out and that people are depending on it.
Dadohead, you’re on a Mac, so you can actually use ColorSync to rename the internal name of your profiles. (Let me know if you need more information on that.) I’m particularly concerned about the Windows users, because I don’t know of anything on the Windows side that can rename profiles easily.

I’ll even go so far as to offer to rename your profiles for you. If you want to go through the trouble of zipping your profiles and emailing them to me, I will rename them all using ColorThink Pro and send them back to you. I’ll do that for anyone reading this until we get a new version released.

Hello again,

I am preparing for a new round of profiles on my printers and this problem still has not been fixed.

It is really hard to identify profiles with in CT2 when the internal names are all garbage.

tks, louie

Just when you least expect it…!
We have a bug fix release for ColorThink 2 that should fix these pesky issues.
Version 2.3.1 is the latest version for Mac, and version 2.3.2 is the version for Windows.