iProfile fails on Row 54 of 1600 patch charts

Hi, I am just starting the process of profiling a new ink set on my 7800 printer. This is a K3 compatible ink and I am using the latest Epson driver on MacOS 10.6.8 and iProfiler 1.2.0 and an iOne measurement device.

I printed out two 1600 patch charts on two different papers, both luster finish.

When measuring the resulting charts both fail to read row 54 giving the error:

“Invalid measurement: Reference colors do not match measure values”

So far X-Rite has made no response to my report.

Any ideas would be helpful.

tks, louie

Corrected title and text to say 1600 patches instead of 800

Without seeing your reference file for the target you’ve printed, it’s impossible to say with any certainty what could be causing the problem. I’m guessing that since you said the same problem has occurred at line 54 on both target prints, it sounds like the reference file or even perhaps the target image has been corrupted and either one or the other has the wrong device numbers or wrong colour patches.

Have you tried recreating and resaving the target and reference file from within i1Profiler? Maybe give that a try and see how you go. An easy way to know if the problem will happen again, without having to scan in 53 lines by hand, is to put the scanning row onto line 54 and scan just that single line once you’ve recreated the necessary files and see if the error still happens.

Let us know what X-Rite say, I’m interested to find out what the cause is, if/when you do manage to figure it out.


I forgot to say that I am using the “basic” mode and there for using the charts and reference data supplied by iProfiler. I am new to this application so I am still finding my way around.

I was thinking about switching to advanced and generating my own charts since there may actually be an error in the X-Rite data for the basic charts. I’ll give that a try and let you know.


Problem solved!

I gave up on waiting for an email response and called the toll free support number this morning. I got right through to a very helpful tech support person who emailed me the method for how to set i1Profiler’s internal deltaE tolerance.

It turns out it is very simple. There is an .ini file that is part of the installation and all you have to do is edit it with any text edit and modify one parameter.

In my file it was set as follows: MeasurementTolerance=0.5

And I changed it to: MeasurementTolerance=0.6

Now I can read all my patch charts and create profiles.

This file can be found in these locations:

The .ini file can be found here:

Win: C:\ProgramData\X-Rite\i1Profiler\XRi1G2WorkflowSettings.ini

Mac: /Library/Application Support/X-Rite/i1Profiler/XRi1G2WorkflowSettings.ini


Thanks for this good information Louie. I thought for sure your issue would boil down to a problem with a reference file but I was wrong! It’s nice to know that there is a user-adjustable tolerance metric in i1P. Here’s an image of what to look for in the ini file: