Is it possible to expand the range of a color space?

i am giving a short presentation on color management to a group of designers this friday. some have some habits that is difficult to break and i know these questions are going to come up but i am not sure how to answer it. The question is can a color space like US Web SWOP space be manipulated and expanded so it can match up with Adobe RGB1998? Also who creates these color spaceses? My understanding is these color spaces are based on physics that can not be manipulated.
thanks i appreciate any advice.

This is not an easy topic to answer in a quick forum like this. But the short and possibility more practical answer is that it is generally more worthwhile to look for an already-made working space that is bigger than SWOP and can fit your bill without you having to make one yourself.

Look into the Gracol profiles.


Trying to expand a CMYK color sapce in order to match Adobe RGB is the wrong way to do it.

Expanding the gamut of a CMYK profile WILL NOT make the printing press to print a wider gamut. Yes it will look better on screen, but will it match what the press can render?

When I have some kind of request, i simply ask: when do you want the phone call? Before or AFTER the 10 000 copies?

Hope this help!

thanks everyone for the reply. i did not get the question at the presentaion, but as usuall i did get the normal resistance. old habits are difficult to break.