is it possible to use a greyscale profile in colorthink?

hello all,

i just joined the forum today… we are setting up new printers / profiles at our company so I am new to that as well… many of the profiles we are creating and/or downloading will be for black and white, when we try to drag them into color think the application crashes. My guess is that color think is aptly named…meaning it does not support the greyscales? does anyone know this?

thank you!

Kelly and I talked about this in a tech support function.

What they were trying to do was graph a gray profile. Because a gray profile literally has no color information, it could not show up in a 3D Lab graph. ColorThink was crashing at this point, but what it needs to do is give a warning that the attempted procedure is out of the bounds of what the grapher is supposed to do. This has been corrected in a later beta.

The other functions of ColorThink Pro (Profile Manager, Profile Inspector, etc.) continue to handle gray profiles just fine.