Is my i1 display 2 broken?


I got an eye one display 2 yesterday and immediately tried to profile my Lacie electron19blue IV CRT monitor. Everything seemed ok except for the part when it was measuring my monitor’s color temperature and having me adjust the RGB controls on the monitor.

The colorimeter didn’t seem to detect the changes I was making to the Red adjustment. Well at least the red slider never moved at all, while the green and blue sliders moved as I made adjustments. The red slider just stayed all the way to the left.

When I was making red adjustments the eye one match 3.2a software would show the color temperature changing, but it just would show the red slider moving. So now I’m wondering if this colorimeter is broken. The diagnostics check out ok.

I was able to successfully calibrate this monitor with my old Colovision Spyder (original) and PhotoCal 2.7.7 with no problems. I know that the red monitor adjustment is working since I can see the changes on the screen.

Any idea what may be going wrong? I was attempting to calibrate the monitor to 6500K and 100 luminence. I also tried at 5000K but that made no difference in the problem.

Thanks for any suggestions.


This sounds familiar.

Some monitors have a fixed intensity in one of the three guns, and the adjustments simply decrease or increase the others to make it appear as if the level is changing. For instance, in your case if red is fixed, adjusting red up and down would really adjust blue and green down and up, equaly and respectively.

In order to acheive a greater output in that fixed gun, you would need to increase the contrast of the monitor, then adjust the intensity of the others to compensate.

Am I way off here? I think I read this back in the day when ColorBlind first hit the scene years ago… The LaCie Electron Blue units have been around a while, maybe that was the monitor in question at the time.

i got the same problem here,i can sure this is hardware problem,and i already send back to gmb.(tested on 3 CRT monitor,2 LCD,1 laptop.both use nvidia or ATI card)