ISO 12647

Hi, for my degree in college, i have to create 3 Icc profiles for three types od paper. I used common wood free paper 80g, and kunstdruck 115g and 350g. I transfered spectrofotometric values that i got into LAB values, and now i must calculate colorimetric difference bettween three types of paper, and standard LAB values. My problem is that i don’t know reference LAB values for my used papers. Reffering to ISO 12647, there are 5 grades of paper :

  1. glossy coated wood-free
  2. matt coated wood-free
  3. glossy LWC
  4. uncoated white
  5. uncoated yellowish

i have a wood free paper 80g, and kunstdruck’s 115 and 350g, in what group shall i put them to get my standard LAB values?

P.S my test chart was TC3.5 CMYK i1(A3), and the papaers were print on Cannon IPF5000 ink jet printer.