Issue with dirty yellow - primary colours

Good morning all,

I have Profilemaker V5 platinum version with an EyeOne and DTP70 reader. Yesterday my colour result caught me with my pants down.
I have no idea on how to start resolving the problem and I am asking for some advice please. I am fairly inexperienced in this field of ICC profiles.

Plotter : Epson 9600,
ColourProof Pro and MetaDimension RIP by Heidelberg.
Paper: Maranello

During my baselinearization, the process yellow under an eye glass is clean and is madeup 100% yellow ink only. The ICCprofile is created and bound to my paper profile.
The intention is to now output the proof with a press target profile (ISO ECI V2.icc) Using relative colourmetric intent.
The result is a excellent proof in all areas except yellow. The simulation for some reason adds cyan and magenta ink to 100% yellow. Unfortunately the bits added make the pure yellow look greenish and colour incorrect. I can understand trace addition but not such large amounts that the colour changes.

What I did try was to take an existing profile supplied by Epson on a very similar paper and use this as a start. Even this profile on its own has a dirty yellow but certainly not as bad. The moment I adapt this profile to my paper the dirty yellow is made worse.

Any feed back would be most appreciated.

Regards Colin

I’ve always been frustrated with the dirty yellows that PMP produces and choose to use Monaco Profiler for this and other reasons. Sorry, you’ll have to move away from PMP to fix this.


Thanks for the reply. I made some test files and ran the file on 3 different paper quality types. Cheap, midrange and very expensive paper. Secondly I used the same printer on a range of RIPs/colour management software and lastly they were all profiled by a different ICC profiling software package.

As far as my testing was concerned yellow was made dirty on all tests when the job is converted to simulate ECI targets. The cheaper the paper the dirtier the yellow. Although the yellow was dirty my result with PM5 was within 1% of a profile made by Monaco, but only on very expensive paper.

I will monitor my results and may need to change as per your suggestion if the problem gets worse. Once again I appreciate your response.

Very interesting. So are the yellows matching the press results? And are you using a UV filtered device?

hi Scott Martin
i haven’t any idea about UV filtered device what is this,Which for use it please tell me

EyeOne’s are available in UV filtered or non-UV filtered (regular) versions. Some devices (like the DTP70 and iSis) are capable of both type of measurements. With some profiling packages (like MP) having a UV filtered device could help with the issue you describe.Two questions:

Are the yellows matching the press results?

Which device are you using?

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Hi all,

This might be a problem of ICC based conversion also which uses an intermediate color space L A B during your conversion and this is a known limitation of ICC. I would suggest you to use a software with Device Link Conversion where there is no intermediate color space. GMG is one option.

Hope thishelps.


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I do my profiles within Ergosoft 2008 RIP, using their Colorgps profilemaker. My Dealer, Joe Gamsky at Beyond Manufacturing uses Monaco Profiler with Ergosoft, but found that the colorgps profiler in ergosoft was even more accurate than profilemaker. What he did comment to me was that he likes profilemaker because it allows for more adjustment in making profiles, whereas ergosfot colorgps is kind of plain vanilla. I am thinking about getting profilemaker as well, and adding it to my workflow.

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 10:26 AM, Scott Martin < (> wrote:

Having both, I’d skip ProfileMaker and go for Monaco Profiler. However, they are both about to be replaced by a new product so it’s probably best to wait for that.

The DTP70 does have a UV filter on it to compensate for optical brighteners that fluoresce in the UV spectrum, if you are trying to profile for paper that DOES contain UV brighteners and the filter IS NOT engaged then Profile Maker will over compensate making the whites yellow. You must manually engage and disengage the filter by pushing a lever located on the scanning head.

Read this about compensating for UV brighteners

Read this about how to engage or disengage the UV filter on the DTP 70

You may need to download Colorport in order to center the scanning head so that you can engage the UV filter. You can do that here: