Just bought a Colormunki Display - how to store it?

Hey all,

As the title says I just bought a Colormunki Display. I wanted my monitors to look the same. After some fiddling I got them looking good using 3rd party tools so I’m happy with the performance. But I’d like to keep my calibrator working well for as long as possible, preferably through the lifetime of several monitors.

How should I store it? The box came with a clamshell type packaging. It’s back in that now. To keep the lens etc nice how should I store it?


I don’t think anybody has any solid experience with preserving the longevity of a spectro. So this a good question that has everybody stumped. I’ll suggest a few common sense ideas:

  • A spectro does not work with filters, so there is not a question of filters degrading over time. A spectro could last a long time theoretically.
  • Looking at a workhorse like the i1Pro that has been around for a long time - I see that people tend to retire an old one when the software is no longer available to support it, or a better, faster model comes out. So you may find that hardware preservation is not the most important thing.
  • Keeping it in a cool, dust-free environment long-term makes sense. Spectros that are used press-side can get a lot of paper dust caked into the aperture hole. Since you have a built-in reference tile that is not accessible, it would seem to be all the more important to prevent dust from getting into the works.
  • Once in a while a lamp will go out in a spectro. I’m not sure there is anything you can do to avoid that if it’s going to happen.