just starting to use eye one, questions abound

HI there,
We have recently purchased the i1 photo sg package and are working on calibration of several epson printers. I have hit a bit of a snag and can’t seem to find the information i need.

Pretty basic printer calibration question.

So when i use i1 match software to send the test chart to my epson 4000 roll of enhanced matte, I know it must not have any color adjustments or icc profiles applied to the print, but in order to print you must select a paper type, whether it be photo glossy or enhanced matte, etc. This must apply the epson icc profile for the paper, right?

How can you print the chart without any icc applied in the Print menu in osx.

Does just turning off the color adjustment in the printer color management dialogue solve these problems?

I am certain the i1 will do great work with us, but I can’t be sure if the test charts i have printed are accurate as of now.

Its not a profile being applied, but a paper description. The driver will apply ink differently depending on what paper you define, but this setting doesn’t apply ICC profiles.

Yes, select “Printer Color Management” in the print dialog and click “Off (No Color Adjustment)”. Its a good idea to save these settings (Presets/Save As) so that you can print everything in the manner from here on out.