keeping control of my workflow...what do I need to do? $64k?

Hello everyone,

first post here, been browsing here for a little while and wow, there is a lot of knowledge here on color,you guys and gals are amazing.

I am just beginning to dip my toes in color and have a small setup which i need to tie together, and try to get better and more consistant results with.

my equipment

PC - based, windows xp x32bit and x64bit machines
Printers - Epson 4000 and R800
Software - PSCS2, CaptureOne Pro
Camera digital - Canon 1Ds
Camera film - 6x17
Scanner - Imacon Flextight Photo
Monitor(2) LCD- Dell 2405, well they look good and were big! and yes I know…money would have been better spend on a smaller EIZO!!
Monitor(2) CRT - Diamondtron 19"
Calibrator - Spyder (the original)

Ok, I am at the point, where I have windows xp x64 machines and my Spyder will not work with it, as ther will most likely not be any drivers written for it. So I am looking at a new calibrator/color management gear that will work with windows xp x64 and future Vista OS

I am currently look at GretagMacBeth as their ColorMatch software is x64 compatible and in particular the EyeOne Photo SG kit

I am mainly working in a close system, but do, do work that is outputted to a lab. However, we are moving into doing editing/raw conversions for others and I want to make sure that our colors are good.

I know I atleast need a monitor calibrator, but for our own gear, such as scanner, printer and camera, do I need the bigger package, like the photo or should one really go for even bigger packages with better and more precise equipment, where do you draw the line, honestly I don’t think i currently could afford anything over and above the Photo kit and would be much happier to just buy the Display2 and or having profiles made.
However, one of the reasons for going digital was to be independent and being able to do “almost” everything myself :slight_smile: <yeah, keep dreaming Henrik!>

Then there is the questions of RIP’s which one and is there a cheapskate option, it is the constant compromise between what you want/need and what one can afford/justify

what would be the minimum required to have good color workflow?
is there a
Minimum, good and the cream del a cream outfits? obviously one could just buy the cheapest of everything or the most expensive of the lot be done. but what will make the most sense to get? yes, it is the $64k question

I think you very much for reading this far, and I appreciate all the help I can get. Please bare in mind that i need something that is windows x64 compatible, thanks you for your time


Henrik Tived
A Dane Down Under

Running 64bit makes it very tough.
At a minimum, providing you accurately calibrate your monitor, you can get away with using generic profiles for scanners and printers plus maybe the odd bought in custom profile.
It really helps to have some reference images, in both electronic form, with a known embedded profile and in a hard copy printed form. You can then use these to compare with your monitor and printer output to see if and where colour errors occur. A viewing cabinet helps you to view the reference prints under standard illumination, but you can get away with some lamp fittings fitted with ‘daylight’ lamps.