Lab convertion differs from other software

I own Color Think Pro 3.0.1b20 and face following problem.
I upload an image in the Color Worksheet with a color of 5c 100m 100y 0K and assign ISO Coated v2 (ECI) profile. The dst(Lab) shown is 45 65 45.

If I do the same in Photoshop (load the same image same cmyK value and assign same profile ISO Coated v2 (ECI) it shows Lab 47 72 58.

Next I open the same image in Profile Maker (Editor) assign same profile I get Lab 47 71 55.

A very big difference between ColorThink and the other two softwares!

So who is right? Do I something wrong? Is something wrong with Color Think?

ColorThink is giving you Absolute Colorimetric values. Photoshop and Profile Editor are giving you Relative Colorimetric values. In your color list window, you can change the rendering intent to relative, or in Photoshop and Profile Editor, change your color settings to absolute colorimetric.


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