Lacie 324, Eye-One color temp. problem.

Hello guys,
I have a Lacie 324 monitor. Yesterday I tried to calibrate it (for the first time since about a year…) using an Eye-one with the eye one match software (latest version).
I am running a mac with 10.5.8 Osx.

I started with these settings:
medium white: 6500k
gamma 2.2
luminance 120

When measuring the white point, things started to get messy.
The eye one tells me that there is not enough red.

But I cannot change the red at all. Even if I put red at maximum in the monitor controls, the eye one still does not change the measurement of the reds a bit.
I tried to change the reds by changing blue and green, but nothing happens to the reds measurement…

Am I doing something wrong or is my eye one damaged?
I tried to search google for this problem, but didn’t really find anything.

many thanks for your help!


First, how old is your i1 device? That could have a bearing if the device is old and/or has drifted.

Your settings are reasonable.

Is this a new or more recent phenomenon for this screen? How old is the 324?

One other thought, you might try basICColor Display to calibrate. This product is very good at dialing in more control. It is compatible with your i1 device (not the new i1Display Pro device, yet).There is a 14-day trial at basICColor at :<> You will need to Register for a free account before having access and then downloading the DEMO software.

Rick Hatmaker

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I have also seen situations where the i1 instrument did not seem to respond to the changes on the screen. With me, this was always traced back to making sure the i1 sees the Red, Green and Blue patches that are presented to the screen before it settles on the white.

You’re probably doing this already, but I thought I’d bring it up just in case:
If you go through this measure white point procedure again, you’ll see that before you get to this white point box, the software shows a red patch, then a green patch, and a blue. These need to be read by the i1 device just as much as the white patch. I don’t know why but they do. If they are not read, and you just put the i1 on the screen to read the white, then you might get the very situation you are describing.

Hi guys,
thanks for the fast responses.

My screen is about 2-3 years old. The eye one as well.
I have not used the screen for editing images for about 1 year.
Previousely I have caibrated it once a week. Never had this problem with the reds.

Before I started calibrating yesterday, I did not change to the default profile. But that shouldn’t make any difference. Because the software does this by itself.
Afterwards I tried to calibrate, starting with the default profile, but same problem.

I will try the program Rick mentionned.

Patrick, the eye one is on the middle of the screen during the whole procedure. It is not moving or being removed. So thats not the problem either.

I ll let you know once I have tested the program.

Thanks again!


I have noticed these features to calibrate monitors so as you are making, keep in mind:

Before starting the calibration controls puts the maximum RGB monitor, all monitors behave the same way for these cases for the measurement with EyeOne, if only low-rise red blue, blue low rise if only the red and if low green blue and red always goes at a time and vice versa, as green is the neutral point of the red and blue. As I have calibrated about 80 different monitors some ten have had this behavior and always the opposite color that is too low, depronto up more than you need, but then when you start to fall to the center.

Baja blue to where you see the red begins to rise, low blue to the red comes a little farther from downtown, no matter how you turn down the blue after you adjust it, then start down the red, if it does not move no problem, because the Eye one was creating a conflict of conversion, but forcing him to go red for blue, one understands that the Eye was reading the wrong color. may go down 50 points from red to begin with will react.

I hope you serve.

I hope the translation to English is not confusing. :open_mouth:

I see the print screen and the green is too high, go down to the middle green and red that alone will go up, then down the blue because you climb over the center.