LaCie Blue Eye Pro, Calibrating my first wide gamut monitor

just bought a used LaCie 320 (this is my first wide gamut monitor) and calibrated it with a Spyder 3 and it’s not quite right. I think that this might be due to me not using the LaCie Blue eye pro software does anyone have any experience with using that combination or using the blue eye pro software with a spyder puck?

I would settle for advice on the best way to calibrate my monitor for photo editing with the intention of going to print (I would also love to know what I should use as a secondary colour profile for posting on the web).

I hate to sound so needy but I really do need your help.

Thanks in advance.

The Blue Eye Pro is good software, and the Spyder 3 is generally pretty good with wide gamut monitors, although in some ways maybe not quite as good as a true spectrophotometer like the i1Pro or a ColorMunki.
There’s more info in a recent newsletter we published: … r_Monitors

To calibrate for photo editing start with a white point of D65, gamma of 2.2 and a luminance of 120. From there you might change your white point and particularly your luminance setting depending on your ambient light in the room you’re in. Are you trying to match your display to a printer in the room?

Just what trouble are you having that makes it not quite right?