Lacie Blue Eye Pro Colorimeter and Eye-One Match software

Hello Everybody,

I just purchased Lacie Blue Eye Pro Colorimeter Proof Edition 130858. It is on its way.

I just found some info on Lacie web site:

It performs in fully automatic mode for LaCie 300/500 Series monitors.
It offers manual mode only for calibrating other TFT and CRT monitors.

In my case I do not own LaCie monitor. Would that mean that I am limited to manual mode only, or, perhaps I still can take advantage of automatic mode using different software like Eye-One Match?

Appreciate any help.


I believe “automatic” mode would mean the Blue Eye software will interface with the internal graphics ability of the 300/500/700 monitors using DDC, so you don’t have to manually adjust the contrast and brightness, etc. using the buttons on the front of the display. So unless you have one of those monitors, you would not be able to take advantage of that ability in the LaCie software.

But from your description, it sounds like you can still make profiles on regular monitors via the regular workflow. Sometimes, branded software like this does not work unless you have one of their monitors connected to the computer. I don’t remember if this is the case with the Blue Eye software or not. If so, you could certainly try the i1Match software. It’s free to download and use.