Linearization target

I am having trouble with the linearization target for my io that comes with ColorBurst. As I understand it, I need a target TIF file and the accompanying text file. Any suggestions on how I might create a new one. I have the new i1 Profiler but cant find anything on linearization in it.

Hi Jeff,

There should be a procedure in ColorBurst for printing and reading one of their linearization targets. “SpectralVision” is their software for this. Do you have access to that?

There is a linearization workflow in i1Profiler. Your device has to be set on CMYK printer in order for the Printer Linearization to show up.

Hi Pat, my problem is that SpectralVision will not read the target that it produces for the io. It will read one for the i1 but not for the io. Colorport will read the target that SV produces without hesitation but I can’t get it to produce the text file that CB needs. I wanted to be able to linearise with the io as I am no star on the i1.

I need the output to look like the text from Measure Tool. I’ll look at i1 Profiler but I really need CSE to fix their product.

Ah, yes - I remember your situation now.


This older thread describes some options for saving files out of Colorport, including saving in a “ProfileMaker 5” format (which would be like the text from MeasureTool.) Does that not show up when you go to save?

Thanks Pat, it does give me those options but I’m not sure how or whether its possible to get them/ Here is a sample of the output:

0.0219 0.0204 0.0218 0.0213 98.13 -0.10 -0.11
0.0663 0.0326 0.0245 0.0499 96.02 -3.16 -3.33
0.1165 0.0471 0.0282 0.0822 93.68 -6.31 -6.83
0.1628 0.0606 0.0315 0.1113 91.61 -9.05 -9.88
0.2073 0.0727 0.0345 0.1386 89.73 -11.63 -12.67

The last 3 columns in your example look like Lab values, but I’m not sure about the first 4 - maybe density values? Is this an example of what ColorBurst is looking for? I thought you were looking for a MT-type text file? MT uses basically a “CGATS” format. The most basic example I can show you is here: … Color_List

Thanks Pat. I think I’m wasting my time in this pursuit. I have been practising with my i1 and am getting more consistent results. I think that I’ll use it until CSE condescend to fix their problem. At least I can use the io for profile measurements.

I have discovered that the first four columns are CMYK density values. At least I know what I am looking at now.