linearize Minolta 1060 laser printer?

How would the curve 3 fit in digital printer linearizion?
Would the machine be reset to default state then curves printed?

Can the manufacturer printer setup procedures be omitted (click settings and adjustments)? … index.html

Perhaps the curves can be loaded into the machine itself? If so where?

Perhaps here? … 45189.html

We license Curve to Konica Minolta and they make it available as an extra module for their printers called Color Care. Heres a quick video where Don Hutcheson describes this: …

If you already have Curve3, then you should be able to do this manually. We have not dealt with that particular model in house here, but it looks like you would place the control points outputted from Curve3 into the Tone Curve Adjustment screen. You can load as many tone points as you want, including the 10 which are the default number of points outputted from Curve. … 42457.html

In the calibration area, they offer an option for G7 calibration, and suggest you “contact your service representative.” … 42409.html

Probably best to get some help with this, since there may be processes that return the press to a known, stable state and you dont want to turn those off.

Best printers on Earth? Maybe but worst support, for sure. Why is that?
Because the Minolta manual online has explanations about different calibration settings etc. But there is no explanation in what order to use them. As simple as that.

Then there is the color centro app, this further complicates the things as it is not explained anywhere in the manual if this replaces the procedures done directly from printer console like the the chart:

Outputting the Density Balance Chart … 45175.html

To read the measurements you need to:

“When operating the ProfileMaker Measure Tool on a computer, click [Open] to select a script file
corresponding to the chart size. For details of the script file, contact your service representative.” … 45178.html

The problem being the local Minolta representatives refuses to give this file. After long winded talk, they said “we do this for money ourselves, so why should cooperate”

This from minolta rep in Europe, Lithuania.

In my book this calls for somebody to get fired from their job, because my client spent allot of money on this Minolta bizhub printer to be threated like an idiot?

Thank you very much for this information, this very helpful. I only wish that complete procedure would be explained by somebody. I sent minolta emails to Germany, Global email, and so far the only thing I got back is “what country are you from so we can forward you request to local rep”

Do you know who can I contact by email to get further info on calibration?

Yes I found that, but as you know “no local service for me” so is this really needed to be changed in color centro if external app like curve 3 would be used?

The other stupidity by Minolta on this bizhub 1060 printer is they think if you choose Isis charts then you must have the Isis XL version, no option to use the smaller one.

Yes I can cut and measure the charts in multiple pieces then pay some money for the PatchTool app and join them to be imported by Minolta.

But seriously how ingenious this is ? This is considered normal by Minolta?