location of system profiles in Win 8

I need to compare the monitor profile to working space.

I need the location of the ICC and ICM profiles in WCS system.

The location appears to be hidden.

When I search on the specific profile name or even extensions (,icm or .icc) I only get non-system profiles


Hi Tim,

The one location where ICC profiles are normally found in all Windows operating systems is here:

As Pat correctly pointed out, most all profiles on any Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 computer will be stored in the directory he listed, but one must remember that ‘system’ files and folders are hidden from view by default.

To enable your searches and yourself to be able to view said system files and/or folders, open Windows Explorer (double-click on My Computer) and then go to Tools>>Folder Options (or if you don’t have the menu bar showing, which IMHO should always be enabled/shown, click on Organize, at the top left of the windows and select Folder and Search Options). In the Folder Options window which opens up, click on the View tab, then click the radio button onto Show hidden files… and also remove the tick from the box for Hide Protected Operating System Files (select yes in the box which pops up) and I also advise that most people should uncheck the tick-box for Hide Extensions for Known File Types - that way you will be able to view the entire filename, including the .ICC, .ICM or .WCS extension.

Hope that helps mate. :smiley: