Making Profiles in Onyx 6.5 and Eye-One Match Software?

Hey Guys,

new to the forum here, hoping you might have some input to help me.

The Set Up:

Mutoh Toucan LT, with solvent ink set (not eco-solvent), being run on an Onyx 6.5 RIP. (the RIP also runs an Epson 9800, in case that is relevant to my question)

The Problem:

Making Media Profiles.

We are using Onyx 6.5 in conjunction with Eye-One Match software (and Eye-One UV Cut Spectrophotometer) to attempt to make profiles.

The actual process of making the profile is ok, however I need to know how to interpret the results. The most recent issue came up when trying to make a profile for MacTac JT5728P (an adhesive vinyl product). The subsequent prints came out “cartoonized.” Can this be attributed to a hardware or software issue? (I have experienced a similar issue in the past with banner vinyl, but was cured by raising the pre and platen heater temps. In this scenario I have adjusted my heaters from normal operating temps to 50 degrees C, max temp)

Any input would be great appreciated, if I have left out any info that might help determine the problem please let me know.


Going to need more detail - what is cartoonized? more description please!

Are you getting odd colours all over? do you have a band of light grey in a grad from black to a dark colour? Is there an overall tint? Is there any bleeding/lack of sharp line detail? etc etc

Also I presume you are building the ink restriction, linearization and ink limit in Onyx and then importing the icc built with the eye 1 software. Is this correct? what is the profiling workflow you are using?