Managing Photoshop profiles with ColorThink 2.2

I am using ColorThink to clean up all my profiles. However, Adobe in their infinite wisdom installs all their own profiles by putting 2 aliases in the /Library/ColorSync/Profiles folder on my system disk. These do not show up in ColorThink but do show up in the ColorSync utility in the “Other” category and also of course in Photoshop color management pull down lists.

Some of these I am using, PhotoPro for example but most of them just add clutter and confusion to color management. I suppose Adobe would say that these are all critical to the operation of Photoshop but I suspect that I can get rid of most of them without any harm.

Am I asking for trouble if I remove these aliases and install just the profiles that I want to use?

Is there a way to have ColorThink also manage these directories?

tks, louie

Hi Louie,

I’m interested in how these profiles don’t show up in ColorThink. There are a number of ways that ColorThink can provide a list of profiles: in the Profile Manager, Profile Medic, Grapher “+” button. Which are you using?

You are probably not asking for trouble if you remove the aliases.

The Profile Manager can be used to “disable” profiles. Unchecking a profile in the Profile Manager will move it into a folder marked “Disabled” - and can clean things up a bit for you.

Also you might experiment with using “Sets” in the Profile Manager. Creating Sets allows you to enable or disable profiles in whole groups.

Hi Patrick,

In Profile Manager all I see under “Mac OS” are three sub-folders,
OSX Reserved - /System/Library/ColorSync/Profiles
System Level - /Library/ColorSync/Profiles
User: Proflies- ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles

/Library/ColorSync/Profiles has the two aliases “Profiles” and “Recommended”, but the their contents do not show up in the Profile manager at all.

When I run “Profile Medic” it does seem to process these profiles as they appear in several of the “fix this” windows.

From “Profile Grapher” I don’t see a “+” button but I am guessing that you mean the “add” button on the plot list. That brings up a list of only the profiles in /Applications/CHROMiX ColorThink 2.2/Profiles folder and nothing else.

So a different result from each possibility.

tks, louie

Hi Patrick,

Any update on this problem?

tks, louie