matching gravure print with digital proof

I am a final year printing student from INDIA.As a part of my final year project i am working on project aimed to match between Gravure print and UV inkjet proofer.


  1. I have two printer profiles ie. gravure profile(source profile), UV profile (destination profile).The gamuts obtained were intersecting when plotted in colorthink pro .In photoshop if i assign my “source profile” and “convert to” destination profile using absolute or relative rendering intent . the white area of the images are turning grey.
    what can be the possible reason for such a problem.?

  2. Similarly we tried the same excercise on HP UV designjet 4550. in their ONYX RIP postershop 7. we gave the source profile as Gravure and destination profile as UV profile . white areas were turned into grey for that also .

3.our main aim is to match gravure print with a HP UV print on same substrate(HIGH GLOss). So, which rendering intent should be used ?


For those reading this thread, we worked with this poster and the professor involved with this project off list, and found that their whites were turning gray using the LOGO Classic algorithm in ProfileMaker. They were also using ProfileMaker version 5.0.5b which is outdated. The current version of ProfileMaker is 5.0.8.

With these changes they were able to get a conversion from their Gravure to their HP without whites turning gray.