Maxwell 1.1 is now available

Greetings all,

In our relentless pursuit of Maxwell perfection we are happy to announce that Maxwell 1.1 is available as of Feb 6, 2009.

There are a number of expansions in Maxwell 1.1 including:

  • Timeline tool - this is a major new feature that allows the real-time overlay of data from multiple Maxwell Tracks live, in the browser. Turn on/off each Track as well as different Metrics for multiple Tracks at once. See a TimeLine overview as well as zoom in to any degree of time-frame magnification. Hover over data points for details and click them to access the measurements. This is a revolutionary new tool for color analysis. Sign up / log in to Maxwell to see a number of “Demo” Track sets for testing. The TimeLine tool is available in the new tool bar at the bottom right corner of the Maxwell screen. This tool is a beta version and will see changes and fixes as we move forward - Safari has a known selection issue as of the time of this post.

  • More Notifiers - Maxwell users can attach Notifiers to many different Maxwell object types. An important new Notifier type is the “Tolerance Check”. This Notifier will fire & send out emails when any Track fails any of its Metrics’ tolerances. The email includes a list of all Metrics that failed and their aim and measurement values.

  • Maxwell now handles emissive color readings as part of the DisplayWatch service. Measurements and ICC Profiles uploaded into DisplayWatch tracks are properly extracted and interpreted as emissive colors (significantly different math) for color tracking and tolerance checking. Note the nifty color patch icon which shows the emissive color type.

  • Reference Sets (used for setting up measurement references, Metrics and Tolerances) can now use “First set of measurements” as their color aim. This setting automatically uses the first set of measurements uploaded into the Track as the color reference for the rest of the Track. For systems that don’t have an industry-standard color reference - such as Monitors (for DisplayWatch) or large format inkjets (for fine art / sign work) - this is a great and easy choice. Just make sure that the first set of measurements you upload is a large enough set to be usable for comparison with later measurements. Uploading one Cyan patch for the first target will not make for a good reference :wink:

  • Maxwell now has a new screen layout that changes icon positions and moves Maxwell more into its own identity. Links to other sections of the CHROMiX website have been moved or removed. The new layout makes better use of screen real estate and is better suited to co-branding with partners. (if you want to partner with us and are interested in co-branding, contact us at sales(at) Also we recommend you now (and always) access Maxwell using the URL:

  • a number of user interface and processing upgrades have also been integrated.

We hope you like these new features and are able to put them to immediate use. There’s lot more to come! Please use the “Feedback” link in Maxwell to submit requests for new features, etc.