Measured vs. Wanted, Harlequin rip

I’ve been doing this a long time but just upgraded our rip today and resetting everything up got kinda confused on this again.

Curve2 software, Harlequin rip, I need to set Curve2 to show “measured” values right?

Second thought is, how can I look at these values and know what I’m supposed to get on the plates when imaged. Like my 50% K reading “measured” is 53.71 so that’s what I’m entering in, but that doesn’t relate anything about what should actually come out on the plate at 50% does it? Or, if I click off “measured” it shows the wanted values, in this case 47.31 at 50%, does that mean that a plate imaged with this curve should read 47.31 at 50%?

I must be having a senior moment, or several, any help appreciated, thanks.