Measured vs. Wanted, Harlequin rip

I’ve been doing this a long time but just upgraded our rip today and resetting everything up got kinda confused on this again.

Curve2 software, Harlequin rip, I need to set Curve2 to show “measured” values right?

Second thought is, how can I look at these values and know what I’m supposed to get on the plates when imaged. Like my 50% K reading “measured” is 53.71 so that’s what I’m entering in, but that doesn’t relate anything about what should actually come out on the plate at 50% does it? Or, if I click off “measured” it shows the wanted values, in this case 47.31 at 50%, does that mean that a plate imaged with this curve should read 47.31 at 50%?

I must be having a senior moment, or several, any help appreciated, thanks.

I think so but I’m not sure I remember which setting the Harlequin RIPs require. If there’s a location for entering measurements then that’s the one you want. Otherwise it’ll be labelled something like ‘output curves’ and you’ll want to try ‘wanted’ from Curve.

This is a good mental exercise isn’t it? If Curve says it wants 47.31 for the 50% control point in “wanted” mode, then it found the 50% patch too dark and is asking for less ink. (I realize you asked for “measured” but bear with me, I have to walk through it myself - a limitation of my brain)

So if your RIP needs “measured” then the opposite is required and Curve is “inverting” the curves in order to fool the RIP. In other words, Curve found that the 50% patch was too dark and wants you to tell the RIP by entering a “darker” number and having the RIP compensate by outputting a lighter number…

So you should be able to measure a value darker (higher) than 50% on the plate.

Unless I’m totally confused, but at this point I’m feeling pretty good about it…