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Made the jump and purchased Curve2 (quite excited). I have read the “How to” several times and now that I have the software I am starting to familiarize myself with the manual. Hardly into it and already have a question about something I thought was straight-forward; measured vs wanted.

I thought I had it all figured out until I saw Figure 3.4. The two value charts don’t really make sense to me when compared to each other and this could be a function of what my RIP requires.

The back story is we are using Screen’s Trueflow. When we originally had our consultant in and did our first press run to determine the original curves we had a slightly convoluted way of supplying the RIP with our numbers (I am fairly new here and this is my first experience with Trueflow). Trueflow wants to be told how much to move. So, for instance, the tint in might be 10% and the tint out would be 5.8%. What we have to do is tell Trueflow how to get to 5.8 by entering -4.2 (10-5.8). Make sense?

What I am getting to is, based upon this, I will assume that what I want to do is check the measured box. Is this correct?

I hope this isn’t too long winded.



I have never worked with Trueflow but based on what I am hearing you will want to set up curve for wanted values (not measured) and then on the create curves tab click the deltas button. Key the deltas into Trueflow. QC your plates to ensure the dot area is what Curve suggests with the deltas turned off.

Do not click the measured box. Some Rips want the wanted and the measures, sometimes called actual, so the RIP will make the actual curve based on the provided information. I use Rampage which wants actual and desired but I just set the actual to none and then key in the wanted values (not deltas) into the desired field. Then if Curve says the wanted value for 5% yellow is 6.3% then I expect 6.3 value to be on my plate.

Matt Louis

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